RV Miles Podcast

RV News Brief | Masks in National Parks (again), Electric Truck Fraud, RV Dealerships Gobble Up Independents & more

August 2, 2021

Masks are going to be required in national parks again, even for vaccinated, people as the Delta variant of Covid 19 rips through the country. Wildfires continue their spread as well, pulling a blanket of smoke over much of North America. RV dealership chains are gobbling up independent dealers - we’ll talk about what that means for buyers. An electric truck manufacturer has been indicted for misleading investors by making up virtually everything about the company’s trucks and cobbling together fake prototypes out of parts of other vehicles. The Elkhart, Indiana RV capital is making a big expansion across the state’s northern border into Michigan, and a new campground coming to Louisiana is turning heads - it’s motto?  ‘Bring your house and share your spouse.’

It’s time for the latest in RV and camping news.

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