26. Tales from the RV Show & 2018 Standout RV Models

January 18, 2018

Today on the RV Miles Podcast, we break down our takeaways from the Mid-America RV show in Kansas City. We'll talk about some additional RV Show tips that we missed on our Episode 24, and break down our favorite 2018 RVs, three perfect for family travel and three for the couple and solo travelers. In the news, Jayco has unveiled their first-ever Class A Diesel Pusher, Gander Outdoors has launched their website with some eye-popping prices, and Ford is bringing back the Ranger, a good option for the owner of the smaller RV trailer. 



The 2019 Jayco Embark Diesel Pusher — Photos & Video: http://rvmiles.com/jayco-embark-class-a-rv/

The New Ford Ranger — Photos & Video: http://rvmiles.com/ford-shows-off-new-ranger-may-perfect-small-rv-towing/

Gander Outdoors' new website wows with low prices: http://rvmiles.com/gander-outdoors-website-launches/


Family Travel RV Models

Coachmen Catalina Quad Bunk (293QBCK) Travel Trailer: http://coachmenrv.com/product-details.aspx?LineID=61&Image=745

Heartland Sundance XLT Quad Bunk (297QB) 5th Wheel: https://www.heartlandrvs.com/brands/midprofile/89-xlt-sundance

Coachmen Mirada Bunkhouse (35BH) Motorhome: http://www.coachmenrv.com/product-details.aspx?LineID=48

Video of the Mirada's Salon Bunk: https://www.facebook.com/RVMilesDotCom/videos/406779199757608/


Other RV Models

Winnebago Intent Motorhome: https://winnebagoind.com/products/class-a-gas/2018/intent/overview

Redwood 3881ES (Executive Suite): http://redwood-rv.com/model/redwood/RW388/3881ES

Abby in the Redwood's Office: https://www.facebook.com/RVMilesDotCom/videos/406449143123947/

Keystone Montana 3820FK (Front Kitchen) YouTube Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMAqTPGMomc&t=17s




25. RV Ownership Costs and Surviving Family Travel Days

January 11, 2018

Today we are talking the expected and unexpected costs of purchasing and owning your own RV. A wonderful and potentially economical way to travel, RV ownership is all about the budget and knowing what you're getting into before you step onto a lot or into an RV show. 

We also discuss tips for surviving family travel days, including that one tip we all do, but no one wants to talk about. Plus, there's plenty of RV Miles news this week, including the exciting upcoming launch of a new podcast, a website update and more. Plus, Jason and Abby have the winner of last week's brain teaser and a new one to keep you guessing all weekend. 



The RV Miles homepage has gone through a big update so you can find the news you want fast. View it here: http://rvmiles.com/episode24/

The new 2018 30mpg diesel F-150 has been announced, the first full-size truck to hit that efficiency milestone, and we have all the details here: http://rvmiles.com/ford-drops-30mpg-f-150-bombshell-best-class-towing-capacity/


The Cost of RV Ownership

Refresh yourself on all the different RV types and their price ranges here: http://rvmiles.com/types-rv-explained/

Check out Abby's article on affordable items we recommend for the RV here on the Our Wandering Family blog: http://ourwanderingfamily.com/our-favorite-inexpensive-rv-items


Family Travel Day Survival

Here's Abby's Our article detailing the 7 tips we discuss on the show: http://ourwanderingfamily.com/seven-tips-for-surviving-family-travel-days/

Check out our top podcasts for family road trips here: http://ourwanderingfamily.com/top-podcasts-for-family-road-trips/

We love the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/stuff-you-missed-in-history-class/id283605519?mt=2

Our list of great Audiobooks for family travel: http://ourwanderingfamily.com/10-audiobooks-for-family-road-trips/

Get two free audible audiobooks here: https://www.amazon.com/Audible-Free-Trial-Digital-Membership/dp/B00NB86OYE/?ref_=assoc_tag_ph_1485906643682&_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=pf4&tag=rvmiles-20&linkId=b6b968b4a0cdc6477bfcc8dcb463e986


24. Hot Springs and RV Shows

January 4, 2018

Today we're taking an extended journey to Hot Springs National Park, which we touched on briefly way back on Episode 1 of the RV Miles podcast. Hot Springs National Park is a wonderful destination for rest, rejuvenation, history and a bit of architecture gazing. It's definitely not what you'd expect.

We also talk RV shows — what makes them such a great place to shop for RVs or just explore what kind of RV you are looking for. And in the news, we've got more camping world acquisitions, pick-up truck wars, an investigation of Goodyear tire bombs, and the 2018 fuel price outlook. 


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  • Gas Buddy says 2018 fuel prices are on track to be highest since 2014, visit our RV Miles article for more info. 
  • Pick-up wars are coming, this may be an excellent year to buy a new truck. Read about it at pickuptrucks.com.
  • Regulators are investigating Goodyear motorhome tire failures, according to MSN Money
  • Camping World has agreed to purchase outdoor outfitter chain Erehwon.

Visiting an RV Show:

Heres the link to our RV Miles schedule of all the upcoming RV shows across the country, state by state: rvmiles.com/upcoming-rv-shows

And we hope we'll run into you next weekend at the Mid-America RV Show in Kansas City.

Hot Springs National Park:

Hot Springs is probably the closest national park to a very large section of the country. It resembles a historic site a bit more than your traditional national park, but we think there a plenty of reasons it deserves the name. 

Visit the National Park Service's website to get started planning your journey, and find out about the historic Fordyce Bathhouse, which is the NPS visitor's center, and the trails and scenic drives nearby. 

The Buckstaff Bathhouse is the place to get the historic spa treatment, and the Quapaw Baths & Spa is the place to go to get a modern spa treatment or to just soak in pools of hot spring water for $20. 

We stayed at the Treasure Isle RV Park, which is a nice clean campground with lakefront sites, a pool, decent WIFI, and free cable for a fair price. They have a discount for Passport America members on weekdays. 





23. RV Resolutions

December 28, 2017

After a news item on a massive RAM truck recall, this abbreviated episode is focused on our wishes for the RV industry in 2018. More campgrounds, societal acceptance of full-time RV travelers, and more fill our wish list for the RV lifestyle. Happy New Year from the RV Miles family!


RAM Truck Gearshift Recall - RV Miles article


22. Walmart Parking and the Buffalo National River

December 21, 2017

Today we travel back in time to Episode 1 and expand on one of our favorite spots in the beautiful state of Arkansas – The Buffalo National River. We'll also talk about all the rules and tricks for parking an RV at a Walmart, Cracker Barrel, rest area, truck stop, and other overnight parking opportunities. In the news, the state of Nevada is full of new opportunities for 2018, including 2 new state parks. 


New Experiences Make Nevada a Top 2018 Destination

Good Neighbor Policy for Overnight Parking

Buffalo National River (U.S. National Park Service)

Dirst Canoe Rentals



21. Healthcare and Staying Healthy on the Road

December 14, 2017

Today we chat with the owner of a new company called RV Health that promises to deliver healthcare on the road by facilitating web-based doctor visits, including prescriptions, for under $25 a month. We'll also cover our tips for exercising and eating healthy while living an RV lifestyle. 


Upcoming RV Shows

FMCA Accepting All RVers (RV Miles Article)

National Park Service Fee Increase Comment Period (RV Miles Article)

RV Health - Get Healthcare on the Road - discount for RV Miles listeners


20. Prepping the RV for Winter and Nashville

December 7, 2017

On today's show, we'll cover all the things you need to do to prep the RV for winter storage. "Winterizing" the water system is only one piece of the puzzle. Then we'll take a trip to Nashville, TN, and chat about all the great things to do in Music City, USA. 


KOA's winterizing checklist and step-by-step guide

Seven Points COE Campground

Grand Ole Opry

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Johnny Cash Museum

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

Adventure Science Center

Bar-B-Cutie Smokehouse




19. 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

November 30, 2017

This episode is all about some great gifts for the RV or camping enthusiast, or anyone really, as most of our gifts are great for the hole as well!. Ask Santa for a few items on our list and you're bound to have a wander-ful Christmas. 



New Aliner sub-3000lb teardrop/travel trailer hybrids. A teardrop RV you can stand up in!

The RV Miles 2017 Holiday Gift Guide - Links to all the items we talk about in this episode.


18. RV Travel Thanksgiving Thankfuls

November 23, 2017

On this abbreviated episode, we run down 10 things we're thankful for in the RV travel lifestyle, from RV parks to Audiobooks to friends and family. We'll be back next week with a full-length episode of the RV Miles Podcast. 




17. Downsizing Your Life, Composting Toilets, and Truck Stops

November 16, 2017

Today we cover the ins and outs of one of the most asked about features of our RV, our composting toilet. We'll give you tips and tricks about downsizing your life for anyone interested in living in an RV, or just interested in a more minimalist lifestyle. But before we get into those topics, we help a listener with all the things you need to know before taking your RV through the diesel pumps on the semi truck side of the truck stop. 


Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Dear Garage Sale Buyers — Our Wandering Family Article